August 22, 2017


Welcome to the site of the Reenchantment Guild, founded for deep personal and cultural work with story, image, myth, and dream, and for supporting those who do this work of hope.

The Guild is a nonpartisan educational entity and professional association dedicated to discovering new stories—and new tellings of old stories—about how we can be happy and whole in our relations with ourselves, each other, and our living, still-lovely planet. We wish to open up constricted stories that mechanize, atomize, and tyrannize into stories that reflect the enchantment of being here together.

A question we ponder is: How can we truly come home to our homeworld as full human beings?

Topics We Explore, Develop, and Practice:

Finding Hope and Drive beyond Imbalance and Rupture – Applied Mythology in Life and Events – Transrevolution: Quiet Systemic Change in the Depths – Dreams as the Understory of Our Time – Coming Home to Where You Are – Deep Genealogy and Ancestry – Earth Beauty Appreciation – Storytelling from the Inside Out – Reenchantment of Psychology – Practice of Ecospirituality.